Although content is king, creative content specialists Kelsey Fiedler and Megan O’Malley are known internally as T&C’s content queens. In 2018, we developed the creative content team to provide more opportunities for T&C to help our clients to maximize their content’s impact.

From drafting press releases and media advisories to managing our sponsored content newsletter, The Alaska 100, the creative content team helps clients find their voice and share their stories. After developing strategic editorial calendars, we produce high quality written content that demands attention.

Sizzling content that’s clear, creative, compelling and concise is what our creative content team lives for. What’s the best part about catchy content? It can be repurposed for blog posts, social media, newsletters, e-blasts and more. In this blog, our creative content queens are coming at you with tips for getting the most out of your content.

1. Think strategically about your editorial calendar.

A solid editorial calendar is the first step to developing content that works together. When you plan an editorial calendar, consider company announcements, community events, holidays and even large-scale events that everyone’s talking about. Figure out how to tie your brand’s key messages into the things your audience cares about. Take this blog post we shared after this year’s Superbowl that allowed us to take an event that was already top of mind and share our expertise in a fun and interesting way. Thanks to pre-planning and our editorial calendar, we were able to make this blog live shortly after the game.

2. Repurpose content to strengthen your message.

Owned media refers to anything that we or our clients manage internally. This includes Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, blogs, newsletters and more. Messaging on each channel should be tailored for maximum impact for its specific audience.

Once you have established an editorial calendar, you’ll be able to coordinate content on multiple channels. For example, the first three paragraphs of this blog came from a recent newsletter T&C sent about the capabilities of its content team. We planned to share this blog shortly after with similar messaging. Having the introduction to the blog already written made it easier to jump in and start writing.

Instead of starting from scratch on each social media post, blog piece, newsletter or even media release, develop strong key messaging that can flow throughout. With strong key messages and your strategic editorial calendar, you’ll be able to adapt content to fit each platform.

Once you write the newsletter, take select pieces to turn it into social media posts or vice versa. If you have a beautiful press release, transform it into a blog post. The options are endless. The bottom line is that if you’re writing about a subject with existing owned content, then you don’t need to (and shouldn’t) start from scratch. By using repurposed content, you will strengthen your message for people who see it across multiple channels.

3. Let your content work together

Your owned channels should all work together and promote each other. A blog post doesn’t have to simply live on your website, promote it on social media or in a newsletter. Sharing owned work across channels will solidify messaging and grow your following in each area.

Don’t be afraid to promote yourself. You won’t lose followers on one platform by reaching out to them on another. That’s the beauty of cross-promotion; all your content is working together.

If you’re ready to start getting the most out of your content, T&C’s content queens what to help you! Whether you’d like support creating a strategic editorial calendar (complete with SEO strategy) or you’d like our team to manage your owned content, we’re happy to create a menu of services just for you and your organization. Call us today to learn more.

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