We know how to harness the kinetic energy that comes from a brand’s story to build game-changing communications for clients — the kind that creates conversation, boosts adoption and even inspires bedrock change. We captivate, ideate and incite across our sectors of technology, health and consumer. Let’s tell your story — together.

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10 things we’re grateful for and ways we give back

“Be grateful and give back.” It’s one of T&C’s Tenets & Convictions and we know without our clients and team members, we wouldn’t be able to do and experience so many things in this PR life. We like to show our gratitude by giving back to the community that has given us so much, from […]

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50 terms every PR pro should know

Whether you’re just kick-starting your communications career, you’ve stumbled into a position that requires a little more PR know-how than you bargained for, or you’re trying to promote your own business, the world of PR can seem intimidating. Industry leaders throw around terms like SEO, micro-influencer or Barcelona Principles – it can certainly be confusing […]

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Toast to tourism: National Travel and Tourism Week 2019

How the travel industry goes beyond cruise lines and hotel associations to benefit employees, small businesses and the economy. “How are you doing?” “What’s new?” “Have you been on any good trips recently?” Whether asked with genuine interest or simply as a play from a networking 101 toolkit, travel works its way into conversations more […]

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