In the field of PR, a consistent flow of creativity and productivity isn’t just helpful – it’s critical. At T&C we love our culture and foster a collaborative office environment where ideas are flowing, energy is up and staff is ready for any curveball thrown our way. One of our favorite tactics is ensuring that the office jams are on point at all times.

This doesn’t come from nothing. Research shows that music can help to reduce stress, anxiety and burnout. Also, listening to music at work can improve creativity, efficiency and overall happiness toward your tasks. It can also improve the overall cooperative and supportive nature of the entire office. Even surgeons have seen better accuracy and efficiency when music is playing while they operate.

Outfitted with Sonos speakers in each pod, we love our tech friends. These include services like Spotify, Pandora and curated stations like the RIVR, which play a mix of today’s pop and hip-hop with contemporary indigenous music.

Sure, in an office of so many different personalities we don’t always agree on what should be playing. Perhaps not each and every one of us appreciates the Mariah Carey Christmas station in nonstop rotation from Thanksgiving through December. It’s hard to argue research, though. Everyone gets their time in control of the mix. It’s a fun way to be collaborative and get to know your coworkers a little better too. Brad loves Maggie Rogers radio and Ashleigh’s all-time favorite is HAIM.

Science aside, anyone could do a one-minute empirical study by walking down our collaborative hallway. You’ll see that we all sit up a little straighter when Ginuwine’s “Pony” comes on during the Throwback Thursday Spotify playlist – and maybe our pitches have a little more snap during that four minutes and eleven seconds.

Emily McLaughlin, Anchorage office

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