Looking to grow and gain experience at a public relations powerhouse? T&C is hiring for three positions in its Anchorage office and our sister company, Blueprint Alaska, is already looking to add a second member to its team! With the additional hires, T&C will boost its reputation as Alaska’s largest, full-service public relations agency, representing organizations in the state’s leading industries.

As one of the newest members of the T&C team, it’s quite exciting to see your company expanding so rapidly (and to hopefully not be the new girl on the block much longer). Open positions for creative and quick-witted PR pros currently include:

Account Executive – T&C seeks an experienced, mid-career communicator for a full-time account executive position who will support day-to-day work on some of the most exciting accounts in Alaska. The perfect candidate for this position is a media-savvy multitasker with experience developing PR plans, messaging and positioning for brands and campaigns.
Account Coordinator – This entry-level, full-time position at T&C requires heavy lifting on research, writing and coverage reporting for the account team they staff. AP style devotees are welcome and celebrated.
Account Coordinator – Blueprint Alaska is quickly building and growing its clientele around public policy in the Last Frontier and is seeking an account coordinator to staff the president. A qualified candidate should have strong multitasking, communication and research skills, as well as a deep knowledge of current events and Alaska public affairs.
Office Assistant – This part-time assistant will help with T&C duties that keep the office running seamlessly, such as filing, answering and directing phone calls, monitoring supplies and other special projects as assigned.

We’re excited to hear from interested applicants and looking forward to adding new members to our growing T&C family. The agency is an amazing place to work, emphasizing a tight-knit office culture, creativity and dedication to delivering the best to our clients, all while encouraging work-life balance. That’s refreshing to see and I look forward to many more years of welcoming new faces.

– Ashleigh Ebert, Anchorage office


Visit our careers page for complete details on open positions.

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