It’s less than a week to Christmas; do you know where your gifts are? No judgment here if you’ve waited until the eleventh hour to finish up your shopping, but time is running out. Luckily for you, we’ve pulled together a roundup of some of our favorite gift ideas from The Alaska 100 gift guide series. Checking your list twice should be a no-brainer after skimming through these ideas!

Give the Alaska gift of an experience with a membership to the University of Alaska Museum of the North, the Alaska SeaLife Center, the Alaska Zoo or the Alaska Botanical Garden. These memberships include several special perks. Some of them are: special workshop rates, gift shop and gardening store savings and discounted tours and animal encounters.

We love supporting small businesses when gifting our loved ones. Some of our favorite local businesses are the Salmon Sisters, who donate a can of wild Alaska salmon to the Food Bank of Alaska with every sale. On the top of the list we also have Fishe Wear with its functional and stylish women’s outdoor sport clothing. Also special, Trickster Company, which features indigenous design on everything from skateboards to jewelry to sporting equipment.

You can’t go wrong with something to snack on, and it’s especially fun to share a taste of Alaska with out-of-state friends and family. We love the tasty kelp salsas and pickles from Barnacle Foods. The delicious, healthy and hearty backpacking meals from Heather’s Choice. Teas from Alaskana Botanicals and handmade chocolate treats from Chugach Chocolates & Confections.

If you still have yet to feel inspired, visit local shops like Anchorage’s Skinny Raven. Also add to that list the Blue Sparrow Boutique and The Alaska House Art Gallery in Fairbanks, and Shoefly and Chef Stef’s in Juneau. With a state full of artists, chefs and creative minds of all kind, finding the perfect gift is as easy as turning the right corner.

– Emily McLaughlin, Anchorage office


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