Thompson and Co. Public Relations joins Snapchat and gives followers an inside look into the diverse facets of the PR industry in Alaska, New York and Houston.

At T&C we are strong believers in technology, exploration and storytelling so it was a natural fit to add Snapchat to our marketing arsenal.  Followers will now be able to go behind the scenes of special projects, events and exclusive office moments in addition to getting to know the many personalities that complete the T&C team! The app will also be helpful in obtaining feedback from those who attend T&C events. Various members of the team will manage the account with the possibility of special influencers taking over. 

Snapchat will give us a unique opportunity to engage with the community one-on-one and see what followers are up to more frequently. The real-time experience of the platform will heighten the connection between T&C and followers in a fun and innovative way. The app will also allow us to bring followers into the firm and have a realistic and organic experience that wouldn’t be possible through other social media channels.

Follow us on Snapchat for an exclusive look into the world of T&C!

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