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T&C celebrates International Museum Day from coast to coast

T&C’s three offices are perfectly positioned to take part in International Museum Day, which many museums are celebrating by offering free admission today, May 18. The agency’s Manhattan office shares an island with the world-famous MOMA and Guggenheim. It may surprise people to hear that Houston is not just home to T&C but more than 150 museums. Perhaps even more shocking is the flourishing museum scene in T&C’s hometown of Anchorage.

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Alaska AP Style Tips for Travel & Tourism

Thompson & Co. staff members are known for being grammar and AP style police, and that’s a good thing in our line of work. In public relations, it is important to know and follow all the meticulous rules of AP style, including many that relate specifically to Alaska. (Fun fact: the 49th state has its own AP style guide.)

In honor of National Travel and Tourism Week, T&C is sharing some of our favorite, and most commonly fudged, AP style tips that relate to travel and tourism in the great state of Alaska.

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Agency tools: Slack it to me

Using Slack seems to make communicators anything but – in fact, the platform helps our agency of anti-slacker, uber-driven PR pros communicate more effectively and efficiently. As communicators by trade, the team at Thompson & Co. has many different tactics for staying in touch. Not just in the Anchorage, Alaska, headquarters but also with colleagues in the agency’s New York City and Houston locations. Read More

Thompson & Bookworms: our favorite reads

At T&C, we’re not just consumers of news articles. Reading is our lifeblood, whether it’s the newest book in a series or a novel that delves deeper into a historical time period. Many of our staffers have English and journalism backgrounds; we love books and the authors who open our minds, to the past, present or even to alternate universes.

Book lovers rejoice—April 23 was World Book Day. We decided one day just wasn’t enough to celebrate. Therefore, we developed a one-week Instagram campaign featuring one to two staffers per day sharing insight into their reading life, from all-time favorite reads, titles and authors with the biggest impact. Through these short snapshots, agency followers were able to glimpse a bit more of T&C’s diverse personalities and tastes, and offer their own opinions on titles, authors and more.

See our recap below from the week, or check it out on Instagram here.

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Western Journey, Celebrating Alaska

Thompson & Co. PR, on behalf of Alaska tourism, assisted longtime freelance writer Eric Lucas with a feature story on the state’s sesquicentennial in 2017. The piece appeared as the cover story in the March/April 2017 edition of AAA Western Journey.

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T&Cers Volunteer Coast To Coast: Thompson & Community

Outside of pitching journalists, spearheading press trips and coordinating events for our awesome clients, we T&Cers love to volunteer and have a heart for giving back. This week Emily is representing the agency. She’s at the American Marketing Association Alaska Chapter’s Pitch.Click.Give., donating time to help nonprofits develop a strategic marketing plan and win services to stand out in the upcoming Pick.Click.Give. donation drive.  Here’s a quick peek at some of the ways we help others outside of our roles as publicists.Read More

Get media attention for your adventure travel business/destination

With the Adventure Travel World Summit arriving in Anchorage on Sept. 19, Thompson & Co. has been gearing up alongside several of our clients. Here are just a few ways we’ve helped them earn media attention recently.

Always lead with what’s new. This may seem like a no brainer, but it’s one we can’t stress enough. Give the headline first (i.e. what’s new) and then tell a journalist what your company is all about.Read More

Thompson & Co. PR now on Snapchat –

Thompson and Co. Public Relations joins Snapchat and gives followers an inside look into the diverse facets of the PR industry in Alaska, New York and Houston.

At T&C we are strong believers in technology, exploration and storytelling so it was a natural fit to add Snapchat to our marketing arsenal.  Followers will now be able to go behind the scenes of special projects, events and exclusive office moments in addition to getting to know the many personalities that complete the T&C team! The app will also be helpful in obtaining feedback from those who attend T&C events. Various members of the team will manage the account with the possibility of special influencers taking over. Read More

Thompson wins UAA alumni award

ANCHORAGE, Alaska—Jennifer Thompson will be honored with the University of Alaska Anchorage Journalism and Public Communications Alumni Award on Friday, April 29.

Thompson is the principal partner and president/CEO of Thompson & Co. Public Relations, which has offices in Anchorage, New York City and Houston. She is often involved at the planning level of new projects and manages several of the agency’s clients herself. She personally handles the firm’s most high-level projects, including coordination for national media such as Bravo’s “Top Chef,” NBC’s “Today,” and “Cooking with Paula Deen.” Thompson is an active mentor of young professionals and employs several UAA journalism and public communications graduates.Read More

T&C President and CEO named to Anchorage ATHENA Society

Thompson & Co. Public Relations President and CEO Jennifer Thompson will be inducted into the Anchorage ATHENA Society on March 21, along with 10 other members in the class of 2016.

Anchorage’s most influential female leaders are invited into the society each year, chosen for their support of Anchorage’s business community and their dedication to helping business women in Anchorage. A program of the Anchorage Chamber of Commerce, the society works to encourage the potential of all women as valued members and leaders of the business community.

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