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Must-do summer activities before summer is over

School might be starting, but summer is most definitely not over yet. There is still time to check off all the things on your summer bucket list in Alaska. Here are some of the summer activities T&Cers are excited to experience before fall rolls around:

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FACEBOOK LIVEns up your business events

Who remembers MTV’s “TRL?”

For those of you unfamiliar, “TRL” (Total Request Live) was a live MTV broadcast in Times Square. Host Carson Daly would count down the top 10 music videos interspersed with live guests and fun surprises. We couldn’t get enough. I bring this up to connect it to a popular video tool – Facebook Live.

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Apps you should have on your home screen in 2018

According to analytics firm Flurry, in 2017, U.S. consumers spent up to five hours per day on mobile devices. This means we’re spending more and more time scrolling through newsfeeds, listening to that new track and sharing real-time experiences with friends and followers. We’ve put together a list of must-have apps for your digital repertoire in 2018.

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Mining for information & knowledge

When hiring, T&C searches out media junkies who live and breathe their work. This means we have a staff with more curiosity than can ever be quenched. We pride ourselves in using every situation as an opportunity to learn and come up with new ways. That way, we can apply things we see in everyday life to our strategic plans for the benefit of our clients. We often invite industry leaders and members of our community into our office for informal and valuable learning sessions.Read More

At T&C, we love coffee and conversation

As an agency with clients that span industries across the state – from tourism to health care to resource development – we learn a lot from our clients. Industry and local knowledge is necessary for us to develop strategic public relations plans. But T&C is also proactive in seeking out the learning opportunities that help us excel at our jobs. Sometimes those opportunities are PR industry-focused and sometimes they are simply to learn more about our community. During a recent, informal learning session, our office had the privilege of chatting with Kim Reitmeier, executive director of ANCSA Regional Association. It was a fascinating conversation about Alaska Native corporations and how they are intricately woven into the fabric of Alaska’s economy.
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Tourism trends in Alaska for 2018

Tourism season is kicking off in Alaska and it’s projected to be a record-breaking year. The cruise ship passenger numbers are forecasted to top one million again this year. We have several other reasons why the season will be a memorable one. To stay ahead of the tourism season, T&C pinpoints the big trends to keep an eye on. Here are just a few Alaska tourism trends for 2018 and beyond.
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Whistle while you work: why T&C loves tunes in the office

In the field of PR, a consistent flow of creativity and productivity isn’t just helpful – it’s critical. At T&C we love our culture and foster a collaborative office environment where ideas are flowing, energy is up and staff is ready for any curveball thrown our way. One of our favorite tactics is ensuring that the office jams are on point at all times.Read More

The future for Alaska’s largest newspaper

At T&C, we pride ourselves on being at the forefront of what’s new in the news industry. A major developing story in Alaska has been the bankruptcy of the Alaska Dispatch News, which was renamed the Anchorage Daily News when it came under new ownership in September.

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We’re hiring! Join our growing Anchorage team

Looking to grow and gain experience at a public relations powerhouse? T&C is hiring for three positions in its Anchorage office and our sister company, Blueprint Alaska, is already looking to add a second member to its team! With the additional hires, T&C will boost its reputation as Alaska’s largest, full-service public relations agency, representing organizations in the state’s leading industries.Read More

Passing the torch to T&C’s 2018 social chair

If you ask many of us at T&C what our favorite part of office life is, besides the work we get to do for our clients, chances are we’ll give you two words: “my coworkers.” Heading to work every day with a team that has your back through thick and thin, who will celebrate your successes and support you through times of crisis fosters the type of workspace that I’ve always felt lucky to be a part of.Read More

T&C’s last-minute Alaska gift guide

It’s less than a week to Christmas; do you know where your gifts are? No judgment here if you’ve waited until the eleventh hour to finish up your shopping, but time is running out. Luckily for you, we’ve pulled together a roundup of some of our favorite gift ideas from The Alaska 100 gift guide series. Checking your list twice should be a no-brainer after skimming through these ideas!Read More

Blueprint Alaska aims to impact public policy and tackle tough issues

New advocacy and public affairs agency to open in the new year

Blueprint Alaska aims to impact public policy and tackle tough issues

 ANCHORAGE, Alaska—A new public affairs and advocacy agency is launching in Alaska, with deep roots and expertise in public relations, strategic communications and public policy. Jennifer Thompson, owner and president/CEO of Thompson & Co. Public Relations, will open a new public affairs agency called Blueprint Alaska on Jan. 1, 2018. Thompson has hired longtime public relations professional and registered Alaska lobbyist Sarah Erkmann Ward, APR, to serve as Blueprint Alaska’s president/CEO, providing clients with years of experience in government relations, issues management, advocacy, and strategic communications counsel.Read More

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