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The shelter-in-place coworker: our four-legged best friends

 We all know that our pets are the real MVPs during the shelter-in-place mandates across our workspaces in New York City, Houston, Los Angeles and Anchorage. We also know that our pets have had to adjust to having their best friends around 24/7. They have risen to the occasion by transforming into the coworker we never knew we needed in our home office.

We sent out an informal survey to the agency’s pet owners to “meet” some

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How to master the art of video conferencing

Thompson & Co. Public Relations has given you the tools to master the art of the interview, but how do you put those tools to work now that the world is social distancing? This new normal has us turning nearly every human interaction into a virtual one – including media interviews. Many of us have become comfortable with video conferencing applications like Zoom, but there’s more to consider when your Zoom call is being recorded and aired on the evening news than when you’re catching up with friends during a virtual happy hour.

We enlisted the help of a producer from NBC’s TODAY Show to share some tips that will ensure you look and sound your best on your next virtual interview. Parenthesis in our tips below come straight from the expert.Read More

Managing social media during COVID-19

In times like these, it’s important to remember the power social media has to connect us, whether it’s friends, family, or clients. Social media can be our most valuable liaison and a driver of positivity in the midst of uncertainty. In the guide below, we’ll share the best practices for social media strategy during a crisis.

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T&C’s tips for working from home

At Thompson & Co. Public Relations, we have employees in five states and a rotating remote work Friday schedule that prepared us for the challenge of working remotely long term. While some businesses are adapting on the fly, we want to offer some tips that work for us.Read More

Free public relations services for Alaska nonprofits

Alaska’s nonprofits lift a lot of weight, often with little support. Charged with fulfilling a mission to make each community a better place, there’s no doubt to the impacts they make, especially in the face of a crisis such as the ongoing pandemic. In gratitude, Thompson & Co. Public Relations is providing free communications consulting for up to three nonprofits a week throughout the month of April.Read More

Master the art of the interview with media training

How to do it and why you need it

Whether you are the communications lead at your workplace, part of the C-suite or an employee whose goal is to hide behind the computer and steer clear of public speaking at all costs, it’s important to understand how the media works, and how and when it’s appropriate to engage.

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10 public relations pitfalls

From growing pains to client gains, our seasoned team of PR pros is sharing some of the industry’s biggest pitfalls to look out for on your professional communications journey. Read More

Back to school and back to the basics

From climbing the monkey bars to climbing the corporate career ladder, each stage of life plays a unique role in developing our character. When we think about the most defining moments of our education and professional development, most people recall classes like public relations 101, endless hours drafting a senior thesis, excitedly pouring coffee at a summer internship and finally scoring a job.

Although these are all important milestones, there are equally-important life lessons that came much earlier that are used every day (and often overlooked). As students around the world head back to school, we’re reflecting on the tried and true takeaways from our own classroom days.

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Getting the most out of your content

Although content is king, creative content specialists Kelsey Fiedler and Megan O’Malley are known internally as T&C’s content queens. In 2018, we developed the creative content team to provide more opportunities for T&C to help our clients to maximize their content’s impact.

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10 things we’re grateful for and ways we give back

“Be grateful and give back.” It’s one of T&C’s Tenets & Convictions and we know without our clients and team members, we wouldn’t be able to do and experience so many things in this PR life. We like to show our gratitude by giving back to the community that has given us so much, from our humble beginnings to today, 10 years later.

In honor of our 10th anniversary this year, we put together 10 things we are grateful for and ways our employees give back in their own communities.

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50 terms every PR pro should know

Whether you’re just kick-starting your communications career, you’ve stumbled into a position that requires a little more PR know-how than you bargained for, or you’re trying to promote your own business, the world of PR can seem intimidating. Industry leaders throw around terms like SEO, micro-influencer or Barcelona Principles – it can certainly be confusing to professionals new to the field. We’ve put together a list of some of the most commonly used PR words and phrases so you can walk into your next meeting speaking the language of PR. Industry pros, what else would you add to this list?

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