At T&C, we pride ourselves for our longtime focus and expertise in traditional services like media relations, crisis communication and issues management and advocacy. But we’re also early adaptors to new trends and changing public relations tactics. Therefore, we added a digital team to Thompson & Co. PR in 2017 and haven’t looked back. Adding digital PR tactics to traditional efforts can make a huge impact for your brand.

What is digital PR?

T&C already pitches stories to web-only news outlets and blogs as a part of our traditional media relations tactics. So don’t think it’s that easy. For digital PR, we focus more on how to make sure a client has the most visible, discoverable online presence possible. That starts with the strategy behind their owned digital platforms: website and social media. A client may already have an SEO-optimized website. T&C takes it a few steps further and then turns to social media as a story-telling channel. Ever feel like you’re being inundated by social media posts and blogs about a brand? That’s most likely the result of an influencer campaign, which also falls under the digital PR category.

What is SEO?

Utilizing search engine optimization tactics makes a website rank higher when target audiences search for specific keyword phrases. Good SEO tactics follow the algorithms put in place by traditional browsers like Google and Bing. Also included are new search platforms like Alexa and Siri. Content should be optimized for computers and mobile devices. Posting regular content that adheres to the newest algorithm updates, generates results that increase website and social media traffic.

What are some digital tactics?

At T&C, our digital team creates powerful videography and engaging social media content. Talented brand managers and digital marketing specialists drive business with strategic messaging and search engine optimization. Here are some of the digital services we provide:

Social media: Social media services range from platform audits and counseling to full-service content strategy, creation, and management. T&C is skilled in designing and implementing multi-platform social strategy to increase brand awareness and storytelling opportunities.

We have the ability to forecast trends and identify the best content for our clients. We also help identify new target audiences for our clients and effectively speak to them through social channels and sponsored posts. Using top-tier analytics, we translate social media into tangible, trackable numbers with status reports that are used to establish goals and monitor growth.

Video: Through video, we craft messages for target audiences and platforms, including social media and internal and corporate communications. We are skilled at developing video concepts, shooting and editing. We can deliver creative and engaging visual stories, produced completely in house.

Digital marketing: T&C uses its expertise in Google Analytics and search engine optimization trends to improve a brand’s website ranking and increase visibility. Our digital marketing team audits existing websites and digital content to implement or improve a multi-platform strategy to increase organic search traffic. We also conduct competitive research and provide relevant keywords for content across social and digital platforms. We can help to increase a brand’s ranking on the search engine result page by incorporating relevant SEO trends.

How do I know if traditional or digital PR is right for my brand?

It can be hard to know whether traditional public relations or a more digital approach is best. Consider the objectives for each campaign and whether digital tactics or traditional tactics will reach the target audience more effectively.

Our advice? Do both! There’s no reason to choose only one or the other. Just take a close look at the plan to make sure all digital outreach is aligned with traditional objectives.

How do I start my digital PR campaign?

Get started with your next press release! When writing a press release (or anything else already in the brand’s communications plan) try utilizing some of these digital PR tactics. Before distributing the press release, make sure it’s optimized for SEO in case any outlets post it directly online and don’t forget to post the release on your website.

When writing a blog, make sure to incorporate relevant industry keywords. Track the results to see what works, what doesn’t and how small differences can make a big impact. Then use the successful communications objectives to plan for new digital tactics.

Don’t get overwhelmed by digital PR

Nobody has to go it alone! We have a team experienced in all the new digital tactics in the evolving world of PR. No task is too big or too small for our agency. We approach our work with an expert understanding of the local and national media marketplace. We understand public opinion and the attitudes and potential issues that can impact our clients. In addition, we strive to build mutually beneficial relationships between our clients and their audiences. We do that through fresh, creative campaigns that involve traditional and new services.

Learn more about all the services we offer or reach out for more information. We’d love to discuss how digital tactics will implement strategic brand campaigns.

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