It’s safe to say that many people will continue working from home, or “WFH”, for the foreseeable future. While a 15-foot commute to the office comes with ups and downs, a positive attitude and a few solid tips can ensure you remain professional through days full of video calls.

  1. Zoom meetings are still meetings. It’s important to show up dressed professionally. Also, it’s a known fact that when you look good, you feel good. Don’t be afraid to have a little fun with it. Dust off that blazer and enter your next meeting ready to take on something new. Author Luvvie Ajayi Jones shares tips on professionalism (and a speedy beauty routine) in a recent Instagram post.
  2. Keep it tidy! While messy spaces are a reality of life, nobody wants to see your dirty dishes or laundry while on a Zoom call. Keep the home spaces you work from tidy. We understand that tidiness isn’t always possible, you can use a Zoom background if you are feeling good but your space isn’t. Here are a few from the Alaska Travel Industry Association. If all else fails, opt to keep your camera off and display a recent headshot instead.
  3. Assume all calls to your cell phone are work-related. Cell phones have now become both work and personal lines, so it is important to answer accordingly. If an unknown number calls you, answer it like you would if you were answering your work line. That means double checking your voicemail message, too. Make sure you identify yourself and keep it professional. Pro tip: If it’s not already there, add your cell phone number to your email signature so people know where to reach you if it’s urgent.
  4. Separate your spaces. Don’t work where you rest, and don’t rest where you work. One of the best ways to minimize fatigue and boost productivity is to assign roles to different areas in the house. Once those areas are established, you know where to show up professionally and where to relax. Maintain those boundaries and ask family members or partners to help you do the same.

We know working from home and keeping things professional has been nothing short of an adjustment, but we are up for the challenge! Brew that coffee or tea, fire up your computer, and put these tips into action. Good luck, we’re rooting for you.

Jovell Rennie, Creative Strategist


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