Alaska’s nonprofits lift a lot of weight, often with little support. Charged with fulfilling a mission to make each community a better place, there’s no doubt to the impacts they make, especially in the face of a crisis such as the ongoing pandemic. In gratitude, Thompson & Co. Public Relations is providing free communications consulting for up to three nonprofits a week throughout the month of April.

“It’s an effort that we’ve been wanting to start for quite some time. The need today has been exasperated by the COVID-19 pandemic, and we didn’t want to wait any longer,” shared T&C President and CEO Jennifer Thompson. “If we can help local nonprofits share their stories, we know we’ve contributed to something positive.”

T&C, marking its 11th anniversary on April 1, is launching the free services this week. Nonprofits are encouraged to complete an online questionnaire to apply. Senior T&C staff will set up a one-hour brainstorm with nonprofits that qualify.

“What’s new is that we’re formalizing and advertising the process and hoping to expand it to important nonprofits that have yet to give us a call. We’ve always been eager to help our Alaska neighbors when they’ve called needing to bounce some ideas or work through an issue, it’s part of our company culture,” added Thompson.

Services on the table include assistance identifying a communications strategy; refining intended audiences; determining the most efficient and effective communications methods; brainstorming; developing measurable objectives; creating graphic design; and more.

“In an hour, we expect we can accomplish a lot. Many will benefit most from a creative brainstorm, just having more people thinking about an issue and providing new perspectives and energy. At so many nonprofits, the hat of communications director is a solo position – or even assigned to an individual responsible for many things. A benefit of an agency is that you’re working with people that have experience with many approaches, many challenges and an understanding to the importance of messaging,” said Thompson.

In April, up to three nonprofits will be selected each week based on responses from the online questionnaire and needs.

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