Everyone loves cute baby animals, and this wildlife Wednesday we’re excited to talk about some new critters that just arrived in the Alaska Zoo.

Our friends and client at the Alaska Zoo recently announced the arrival of an adorable black bear cub to its family. The Zoo staff is happy to share that the cub, found orphaned off the banks of Valdez, is doing well and is ready to meet visitors at its new home next to the river otters.

Alaska Zoo Black Bear. Photo Credit: John Gomes

Photo Credit: John Gomes

A new baby musk ox was also born into the Alaska zoo family on May 13 from resident female musk ox Maya, and she is already stretching her legs alongside mom with youthful curiosity.

Musk Ox. Photo credit: John Gomes

Photo credit: John Gomes

The zoo also welcomed two-year-old, blue-eyed Malala the snow leopard from the Big Apple in mid-May. Known for happily prancing through every East Coast snowfall, Malala is a member of an extremely rare and endangered species that the Alaska Zoo is proud to help protect.

Malala the snow leopard. Photo credit: John Gomes

Photo credit: John Gomes

The Alaska Zoo’s ability to expand its education in the community about these animals is in part thanks to recent, generous support from the Anchorage Petroleum Women’s Association, totaling nearly $40,000. As part of an agency that always wants to give back and volunteer in our community, Anchorage T&Cers and APWA board members Bri and Stephanie assisted with the planning and execution of a gala that helped raise funds for the zoo.

As a nonprofit organization that provides homes for orphaned, injured and captive-born animals, the Alaska Zoo relies on funds from admissions, donations and support from local business to care for the animals that call it home. Those interested in giving back to the zoo are encouraged to simply stop by for a visit. Purchase an annual pass or even attend events such as Feast for the Beasts on June 15. Its largest annual fundraiser, this private affair features animal encounters, local entertainment, live and silent auctions and more.



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