T&C celebrates Random Acts of Kindness Day

An agency culture of giving

Driven by our tenets and convictions, Thompson & Company PR’s company culture is founded on improving the lives of those around us. Sometimes that means putting in long hours to draft the perfect pitch to earn killer coverage and please our clients. Other times it means volunteering in the local community or helping out a coworker.

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Super Bowl LIII: The good, the bad and the ugly of branding

Some people tune into the Super Bowl for the game, others for half-time shows and commercials. Whether you eagerly awaited a performance by Adam Levine, Big Boi and Travis Scott or just stayed for the ads, the big game is always the most-watched television event of the year. As the biggest stage for advertisers, each year the bar is set even higher.

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Things to do in Fairbanks, Alaska

Fairbanks is one of the northernmost cities in America and one with the largest population in Interior Alaska. It is known for its cold temperatures, quirky culture and exceptional views of the northern lights.

Historically considered a summer tourism destination, the Golden Heart City is also a must-see for any Alaska winter vacation. Fairbanks is packed with outdoor excursions and surrounded by vast mountain and river views. It is guaranteed to impress even the most experienced travelers.

With so many activities to choose from and so little time, we crafted an Alaska bucket list with our favorite things. We were there for only one weekend. Therefore, we didn’t waste a minute of daylight and took advantage of the beautifully clear nights.

Here are our three favorite things we did in Fairbanks:

Dog Sledding in Fairbanks:

Options vary. In other words, you can choose from half hour dog sledding experiences with Alaska Aurora Adventures. Or choose from full day tours and even overnight adventures from Paws for Adventure and other local tour operators. Some tours focus on the history of the sport and how Alaskans relied on mushing for transportation. Others showcase the surrounding scenery or prepare authentic Alaska meals, like fire-smoked salmon, along the way. The longer dog sled tours often include visits to the kennels. They also offer more time to meet with the mushers, and the opportunity to learn how to drive the sleds. We opted for the Chena Dog Sled Rides. The sled holds up to four people, which is perfect for families, couples and other groups traveling together.

The short and sweet two-mile trail takes only about 15 minutes to complete and is ideal for travelers with limited time. Riding through the boreal forest along a white, snow-covered trail, the dog sledding experience was breathtaking. The trail has a few curves and hills, which gives the ride an exciting twist. Our knowledgeable guide stopped along the way so we could soak in the majestic winter wonderland views, take some pictures, and briefly escape the icy chill of the wind on our faces. At the end of the tour, guests enjoy some time with the canine athletes or warm up in the visitor’s center. It was such a great experience that we plan to go on an even longer dog sledding tour on our next trip to Fairbanks.

Chena Hot Springs:

Located onsite at Chena Hot Springs Resort, the natural hot springs were a must-do activity on our bucket list. Despite the sub-zero temperatures outside, we didn’t let the icy weather give us cold feet. A heated hallway lines the path to the outdoor rock lake that’s known for its naturally mineral-infused, healing waters. At times, the steamy water and flowing waterfall created a dense fog making it hard to see. It was worth the wait to see the steam make way to snowy mountains and hoarfrost-covered trees. A surprising occurrence was that our hair literally froze while in the hot springs. However, the warm waters prevented us from feeling cold.

Lavelle’s Bistro:

Located in the heart of downtown, Lavelle’s Bistro wasn’t just one of the best restaurants in Alaska – it was one of the best we’ve ever experienced. Since opening its doors nearly 15 years ago, Lavelle’s has become a popular choice for birthdays, anniversaries and other special occasions for locals, and a destination in itself for visitors. Known as one of the best restaurants in Fairbanks, its eclectic menu features everything from fresh Alaska seafood appetizers to hearty main courses that change seasonally and inspired desserts. A wine lover’s paradise, Lavelle’s boasts an extensive wine selection that pairs with the authentic Alaska eats.

Of course, no trip to Alaska would be complete without sampling the state’s iconic seafood. Our personal favorites were the baked brie cheese, beer battered halibut cheeks, and king crab & artichoke dip. We wrapped up our evening with not one but two types of creme brulee− classic vanilla and seasonal peach.

Even though we didn’t have time to complete everything on our wish list, we enjoyed the most amazing experiences. We ended our trip with a night of aurora chasing in Creamer’s Field. And even though we didn’t see the northern lights this time, we now have a great reason to go back.

National Human Trafficking Awareness Month

Did you know there are more than 400,000 slaves living in America today? That’s why National Human Trafficking Awareness Month is important.

Contrary to popular belief, slavery is not an atrocity of the past, and it isn’t limited to third-world countries and far away places. Slavery is a thriving, multi-billion dollar criminal industry that plagues the United States and many other nations. There are an astonishing 403,000-estimated slaves living in America. Their perils aren’t as obvious as poverty or hunger. But this affront to basic human decency is actually happening in plain sight and in places you’d least expect.

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Gift Guide from T&C

The Christmas countdown is on! If you’ve made your list and checked it twice but still don’t know what to get for everyone, this gift guide is for you! We’ve put together a list of gifts that everyone is sure to enjoy.

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An afternoon with the FBI

At Thompson & Co., we understand how important it is to get to know our neighbors. That’s why we recently invited our neighbors from the Federal Bureau of Investigation, FBI, (they’re directly across 6th Avenue and surely have our place bugged) to the office to see what goes on behind all those closed blinds.

T&C often hosts business and community leaders for casual conversations so we can continue to be informed community members. We were very excited for Staci Feger Pellessier, FBI outreach specialist, to come in and tell us more about her agency next door.

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Travel trends for 2019

While Thompson & Co. Public Relations works in a variety of industries, from health care to telecommunications, one in which we excel – and have a lot of fun talking about – is travel and tourism. This field is always changing, and we take pride in our ability to stay on top of what’s new and up and coming for our travel clients.

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Covenant House Executive Sleep Out

This November, I’ll be participating in the Covenant House Sleep Out with a big goal of raising $15,000 to support programs for homeless youth in Alaska. This cause is near and dear to my heart – no child should ever be homeless, and the Sleep Out is an act of solidarity with the 4.2 million young people who experience homelessness each year.
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For the Love of Humanity

At T&C, we often host business leaders and community members for intimate presentations to share insight about their industry. This helps our team stay on the pulse of what’s new in Alaska and beyond. Recently, the Rasmuson Foundation, undeniably one of Alaska’s biggest benefactors when it comes to strengthening Alaska and the people who live here, joined us for one such discussion. President and CEO Diane Kaplan, along with, Angela Cox, vice president of external affairs and Roy Agloinga, program officer, spoke about their organization and the work it does in Alaska.

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How the T&C office FAMiliarizes travel experiences

In our office, the word FAM is thrown around a lot. But many of our new employees often don’t know what that word even means. Some think it might be shorthand for “family” or in texting it could mean “for a minute.” But at Thompson & Co. Public Relations, FAM means familiarization. Specifically, we use that term when learning about a new tour, business, or destination as it relates to our travel and tourism clients.

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Client work shines at the Aurora Awards

At Thompson & Co. Public Relations we live by the mantra that the best PR never sees the light of day. Our goal is to help our clients deliver their message to the public in a thoughtful and strategic manner. Their victories are their own and we celebrate the wins internally in our office and move on to crafting the next message, editing the next video or planning the next event.

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Hurricane Harvey’s anniversary reminds Houston about the importance of crisis communications

It’s the anniversary of Hurricane Harvey, the “Storm of the Century,” which dumped 50 inches of rain on Texas for five days. It also killed more than 100 people and caused $125 billion worth of destruction. Thinking about the impact Hurricane Harvey had on me and my community brings back a flood of emotions including sadness, humility, honor, pride and most importantly strength. It is also a reminder of the importance of being prepared.

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