At Thompson & Co., we understand how important it is to get to know our neighbors. That’s why we recently invited our neighbors from the Federal Bureau of Investigation, FBI, (they’re directly across 6th Avenue and surely have our place bugged) to the office to see what goes on behind all those closed blinds.

T&C often hosts business and community leaders for casual conversations so we can continue to be informed community members. We were very excited for Staci Feger Pellessier, FBI outreach specialist, to come in and tell us more about her agency next door.

Much of what we learned surprised us, but our biggest takeaway was that what we thought we knew about the FBI only scratched the surface.

Here are some highlights:  

  1. The FBI turns 110 this year! The agency’s mission is to protect the American people and uphold the constitution; every single thing it does falls into one of those categories.
  2. In Anchorage, the FBI is comprised of about half federal agents, and half other classifications of staff. The hiring process is extensive; anyone applying should be prepared to answer more than 50 pages of questions, take a polygraph test, and have each of your family members (and anyone from your past) interviewed.
  3. There are many different departments within the FBI, both locally and nationwide. Anchorage’s cyber crime agents are among the very best in the country. They often assist other branches of the FBI on open cases.  
  4. Agents generally stay in one place for five-to-seven years. Today, there are about 50 agents in Alaska, and at any given time each agent is working on an average of 30 open cases.
  5. Forget the shroud of secrecy; agents and employees want to be visible in the community! The FBI is more than happy to give presentations to any group that asks. Presentation topics include: FBI 101, cyber security, personal security, Run, Hide, Fight and more.
  6. The FBI is focused on much more than simply solving the case. The agency is also dedicated to making sure victims and their families are taken care of during and after the investigation. They coordinate support groups, psychological counseling and more. Even helping to pay for funerals when family members are unable to do so.  

If you’re even the least bit curious about the FBI, what they do (or don’t do) or are interested in a training, we 100-percent recommend inviting them to your office for a presentation. You won’t regret it!

Editor’s note: Yes, we know that our office is not bugged.

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