The Christmas countdown is on! If you’ve made your list and checked it twice but still don’t know what to get for everyone, this gift guide is for you! We’ve put together a list of gifts that everyone is sure to enjoy.

At T&C we love to give back to our community.

That’s why our favorite gifts are the kind that feel just as good to give as they do to get. Support nonprofits by gifting memberships to places like The Alaska Zoo, The Anchorage Museum, The Museum of Fine Arts Houston, etc. You get the point. Membership funds help nonprofits continue the work they do, and it’s a gift that the recipient can enjoy for the whole year.

In addition to gifting memberships, we also love to gift donations!

People who already have everything they need will be touched to know a donation was made in their name to a cause important to them. Figure out what the people on your list are passionate about then make a donation to nonprofits supporting that cause. From Anchorage to Houston, our favorite nonprofits to donate to include: Bean’s Cafe (notably, the Bean’s Cafe/XTRATUF earthquake relief partnership), Alaska Community Foundation and the Children’s Art Project in Houston.

For a gift that is truly special, visit local makers markets.

You’re sure to find beautiful and handmade one-of-a-kind gifts for everyone on your list. It’s important to T&Cers to shop local and support the businesses in our area. Holiday markets are the perfect way to do this. To our readers in Anchorage: this year more than ever, we want to encourage you to shop local and support businesses that suffered damage from the Nov. 30 earthquake.

If you’re still looking for gift ideas, we saved one of the best for last.

Get your loved ones something to snack on! Send your parents a gift card to a special restaurant. Or send your favorite cousin the wackiest food you can find from the city you live in. The options are endless. But food is a great way to send someone a gift that represents you and the region you live in. Many companies make it really easy to send your favorite snacks to friends and family all over the country. Check out Alaska Artisanal or send a special King crab package from New Sagaya. Texas Tamale Company, a family tradition of Houston T&Cer Megan, will ship gourmet tamales and other made-in-Texas treats to your front door.

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