T&C helps Alaska welcome first-ever Target locations.


When Target opened its first two stores in Alaska in 2008, it needed to make a big splash, and it tapped T&C for its knowledge of the Alaska market. Through media relations, charitable giving partnerships, VIP preview events and strategic brand ambassador positioning, the highly anticipated opening of the latest retail giant to open in Alaska received statewide attention.


Thompson & Co. coordinated an invite-only VIP preview event with a curated list for each location in advance of the store’s grand opening, along with media previews. Both public grand opening events resulted in full houses and excited customers.

Target’s announcement and build up to its Alaska openings coincided with the Iditarod, and T&C coordinated Target brand ambassadors at the ceremonial start distributing branded mittens and building buzz around the upcoming openings. Target’s Bullseye made an appearance as well, which offered photo opportunities with everyone from former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin and U.S. Senator Lisa Murkowski to thousands of Iditarod fans.


Target prioritized community partnerships as a component to its opening strategy. Thompson & Co. identified the Iditarod’s Teacher on the Trail in March and Mother’s Day at the Alaska Native Heritage Center as opportunities for Target to share and support local traditions. Its sponsorship of Teacher on the Trail resulted in national headlines while its sponsorship of hosting mothers at the Alaska Native Heritage Center on Mother’s Day became an Alaska tradition.

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