Thompson & Co.’s Megan Alletson presented at the 2016 CommEx on Snapchat, its rising influence and how local brands can take part.

DESCRIPTION: Snapchat was the fastest growing social media application of 2014 and yet many brands continue to question how to use the platform and whether or not it’s an effective tool for their message. The service has 150 million daily active users, $350 million in revenue projected for this year, and has a $16 billion valuation, bigger than that of Twitter. And its daily use is now surpassing that of Twitter. Originally known for its appeal to the millennial generation, Snapchat has become a competitor to the ranks of Twitter, Facebook and Instagram with digital investors and marketing professionals taking an increasing interest in the growth of the application.

Humanize your brand by creating in-the-moment stories that are less perfected and give users a real-time snapshot of your happenings. Learn the basics including story sharing capabilities, types of content that are successful on Snapchat, how to track user engagement, use and make your own filters as well as the many elements that set Snapchat apart from other platforms.

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