At T&C, our focus is on strategic communications for exceptional results. No task is too big or too small for our agency; we approach our work with expert understanding of the local and national media marketplace, public opinion and attitudes and the potential issues that can impact our clients. We strive to build mutually beneficial relationships between our clients and their audiences through fresh, creative campaigns involving media relations, social media, special events and issues management and advocacy.

Diversity & Inclusion Strategy

With The Open Doors Initiative, T&C provides strategic counsel that assures messaging for our clients is inclusive of complete populations and that it demonstrates an understanding of BIPOC and LGBTQ+ issues and influencers. Our team of both people of color and allies provides experience-based knowledge to update and create activism-at-work policies, deliver diverse media sources, messaging, and more for communicators and campaigns. The Open Doors Initiative creates and highlights opportunities for BIPOC and LGBTQ+ individuals. T&C believes it’s one thing to say you welcome all people, it’s another to say come in.

Media Relations

We appreciate the media process, understand the way reporters think and can anticipate their questions. We even have several former journalists on staff. Our media relations services run the gamut, including proactive media outreach, press trip planning and implementation, fact checking and professional media training to ensure that our clients shine bright in the spotlight.

Crisis Communication

We expect the unexpected. All businesses need a crisis communications plan to prepare for the worst. T&C is experienced in developing crisis communications plans and putting them into action when needed, ensuring communications stay consistent and clear while avoiding cringe-worthy pitfalls. With increased planning, we can help decrease the effect of a crisis.

Issue Management & Advocacy

As an agency, we’ve managed campaigns and advanced causes from bond issues to ballot initiatives. We’re born-and-bred Alaskans with a deep knowledge of our state and beyond; the players, cultural and economic forces as well as the mentality that drives decision-making. We can help you plot a strategy for success through advocacy grounded in strategic planning and a solid understanding of the landscape.

Social Media

T&C offers a comprehensive range of social media services to its clients, from social media audits and counseling to full-service content creation and management of social channels. T&C is skilled in designing and implementing multi-platform social strategy and has the ability to forecast trends to identify the best content for our clients. We can also help identify target audiences for our clients and effectively speak to them through social channels.

Using top-tier analytics we translate social media into tangible, trackable numbers with status reports that can be used to establish goals and monitor growth. Our team is energized and excited to craft and implement campaigns that will engage target audiences and strengthen the online presence of our clients.

Special Events

Whether your annual event needs a facelift or a new event is being launched, we offer brand-building potential through our detail-oriented approach to planning and execution. We are also skilled at imagining new opportunities to tell your story through thoughtfully conceived and creative events.

Brand Messaging & Strategic Counsel

You’re answering to your members while responding to the media and pleasing a board of directors. Developing your brand messaging to reach all of these audiences can be tricky. Thompson & Co. has experience creating the right message for a wide variety of clients and can do the same for you.


From press releases to blog posts, from social media content to annual reports, we pride ourselves on being able to ask the right questions and conduct the research needed to produce high-quality written work on short deadlines.


As forms of media evolve, so must your public relations strategy. At Thompson & Co., we understand the power of a compelling, visual story. Through video, we can help you craft your message for whichever audience you’re targeting, whether it be a social media platform or an internal, corporate audience. We are skilled at developing video concepts, shooting and editing, and can deliver creative and engaging videos, completely produced in-house.

Analytics & Reporting

Setting measurable goals and evaluating results are a couple of the ways that communications teams can identify both successes and areas for improvement. At Thompson & Co. PR, we understand the value of analyzing results and use several methods to measure the effectiveness of our campaigns, including media monitoring, social media tracking and Google Analytics reporting. Our team’s expertise in these areas helps create a comprehensive knowledge of the audiences we’re targeting, the value of each audience interaction and what tactics are driving the desired end results. We use all of these factors to fine-tune our efforts and create the best return on our clients’ investments.

Social Marketing

At T&C we aren’t just passionate about supporting our clients – we are passionate about supporting our community. Marketing that makes a positive difference in people’s lives is the kind of work that makes this profession worthwhile, and we are especially proud to have been making a positive difference in Alaska and beyond for more than 20 years.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is continuously evolving, and T&C uses its expertise in Google Analytics and search engine optimization trends to improve website rankings and increase visibility. T&C’s digital marketing team will audit existing websites and digital content to implement or improve a multi-platform strategy to increase organic search traffic. Some of our tactics include conducting competitive research and providing relevant keywords for content across social and digital platforms. T&C identifies relevant SEO trends and topics for blog posts and other website content to increase ranking on search engine result pages.


We believe great design and effective communications are not mutually exclusive. From logos and brand development, to traditional printed media, to digital environments. The execution of engaging design should activate your message and create an experience that merits a meaningful response.

The Alaska 100

The Alaska 100 is an easy-to-read, bi-monthly e-newsletter focusing on all things Alaska. We have created a blend of articles and videos that provide a quick yet thorough view into the people, news, events and ideas that shape our state.

What sets The Alaska 100 apart from other news outlets? The length of our articles and videos. We understand that our readers want stories that match the pace of their daily schedule. To accommodate that, each article is exactly 100 words and each video 100 seconds. Crafted on topics of intrigue, The Alaska 100 offers bite-size morsels packaged around Alaskans’ wild, busy lives. Topics range from Alaska business, history and culture to travel, the arts and entertainment. The goal is to quickly and easily inform readers about a wide range of topics relevant to Alaskans.

Learn more about the Alaska 100.

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