Using Slack seems to make communicators anything but – in fact, the platform helps our agency of anti-slacker, uber-driven PR pros communicate more effectively and efficiently. As communicators by trade, the team at Thompson & Co. has many different tactics for staying in touch. Not just in the Anchorage, Alaska, headquarters but also with colleagues in the agency’s New York City and Houston locations. 

The agency started using Slack a couple of years ago, and it has become one of our favorite tools. It’s how we maintain conversations throughout the day without interrupting workflow. It is almost always pulled up on our computer screens in a prominent and permanent resting place.

Slack channels make it possible for conversations to be categorized and accessed only by the staffers who need to contribute to that channel. For example, T&C’s #anchorageoffice channel saves the Houston and New York teams from having too much FOMO when we order lunch from Moose’s Tooth. Or maybe when someone comes to work on Friday morning with a fresh box of donuts. There is also the option to begin a quick group message with select team members, a great tool for rapid-fire brainstorms or quick meeting reminders.

Other features of Slack that we love are its file-sharing capabilities, the direct messaging options and the ability to quickly update the office to your whereabouts without sending an email. Additional lifesavers are the “search” feature within conversations. Also, the option to react to something someone has said with an Emoji, the perfect way to acknowledge receipt quickly. We eternally appreciate the use of Emoji in our daily Slack use because sometimes a little extra emphasis is necessary.

With the mobile element, it’s easy to stay connected to conversations while on the go. Working an event or charging through an afternoon of meetings. In other words, you’ll never miss an office inside joke again. This is of the utmost importance.

The biggest reason we use Slack at T&C is to increase efficiency. According to Slack, its customers see about a 48-percent reduction in internal email. This gives us more time to focus on the real work and to keep producing stellar results for our clients day in and day out.


Sneak peek at T&C Slacks as the agency approaches a half-million messages.

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