Facebook frames

Facebook frames can take your well-thought-out social media campaign to the next level. If you’re not nodding your head already, you might be wondering what exactly a Facebook frame is. Users who want to support a cause or sports team, or celebrate a holiday, for example, can change their profile photo for an allotted amount of time by utilizing a frame. Frames can also be used within the Facebook camera app much like filters on Snapchat.

All Facebook users have the ability to create a frame. So, how can you make them work for your brand? The best part about Facebook frames is that in addition to being simple to create and manage, they are totally free. Your only investment is the time it takes to create and upload.

To create the frame, start by designing the elements you want to include, which can be anything from graphics to text, and save them as PNG files. Facebook will guide you to upload and place the elements, as well as auto-size the frame for all possible dimensions. You are able to upload through a business page, name the frame, target by location and keywords, and set the duration of availability.


#SoberLife was part of Recover Alaska’s Recovery Month campaign in September, it got 1.5K uses by people all over the world.


10.17.17_ATIA_Alaska Day filter.V3 with photo

I’d rather be in Alaska was a frame created for ATIA for Alaska Day. It got more than 100 uses.

So why use a frame?

– Facebook frames are free
– When a person opts to use your frame, they see you business and are driven to your page
– Increased exposure and brand recognition when all of their friends and followers see that they’ve updated their profile picture
– Use frames as an opportunity to engage with existing and new audiences
– Bonus! A button at the bottom each frame appears allowing their friends to use the frame as well and then link to your business page

Are you convinced? It’s time to start brainstorming a frame for your brand. There are a couple of things to keep in mind so you can create an effective frame. Here are a few of our tips and tricks:

– People will be placing the frame as an overlay on their photo, make sure your frame works with a variety of images
– Keep it simple and relatable: The more people feel connected the frame; the more likely they are to use it
– Tie into awareness campaigns
– Use your brand’s hashtag
– Use current events to your advantage

Now, it’s time to get creating!

– Kelsey Fiedler, Anchorage office

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