Before moving to Houston, I grew up in Galveston, Texas, and graduated from the University of Alabama. One of my favorite parts about going to school out of state was getting to play tour guide with out-of-town friends when they visited. The newest member of the T&C team, I am now an account coordinator in our Houston office. With much of the T&C staff based in our New York City and Anchorage offices, I can’t wait to once again fill the role of tour guide, showing off the cities I know and love when my new colleagues visit us in Texas.  … READ MORE

Intern blog header

If you show up for your first day of work and you feel like you’re already a valued member of the team, you might be a T&C summer intern.

Summer is a busy time at T&C. When everyone in the office is juggling multiple projects, we are SO thankful to have you around to make sure day-to-day tasks aren’t forgotten or neglected.


Nikkie goodbye blog graphic

Beloved T&Cer Nikkie Viotto is packing her bags, leaving Alaska and heading east to take a bite out of the Big Apple. She’ll be working alongside Alexis Isaacs, who has been with T&C’s New York office since 2015, just shortly after she moved to the city from Chicago. Before Nikkie makes the cross-country trek, Alexis has been kind enough to impart a little bit of knowledge she’s learned from living in NYC.  … READ MORE

Museum Blog Post

T&C’s three offices are perfectly positioned to take part in International Museum Day, which many museums are celebrating by offering free admission today, May 18. The agency’s Manhattan office shares an island with the world-famous MOMA and Guggenheim, and it may surprise people to hear that Houston is not just home to T&C but more than 150 museums. Perhaps even more shocking is the flourishing museum scene in T&C’s hometown of Anchorage.


Alaska AP Style

Thompson & Co. staff members are known for being grammar and AP style police, and that’s a good thing in our line of work. In public relations, it is important to know and follow all the meticulous rules of AP style, including many that relate specifically to Alaska. (Fun fact: the 49th state has its own AP style guide.)

In honor of National Travel and Tourism Week, T&C is sharing some of our favorite, and most commonly fudged, AP style tips that relate to travel and tourism in the great state of Alaska.