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If you ask many of us at T&C what our favorite part of office life is, besides the work we get to do for our clients, chances are we’ll give you two words: “my coworkers.” Heading to work every day with a team that has your back through thick and thin, who will celebrate your successes and support you through times of crisis fosters the type of workspace that I’ve always felt lucky to be a part of.

Of course, this type of culture doesn’t cultivate itself. You can’t find it everywhere because it takes a little extra work and attention to detail. Heading up this effort is the T&C social chair, a position that comes with a yearlong tenure and a very important task – to be the guiding force in everything social, from celebrating birthdays to welcoming new team members to planning the annual company retreat.

As we take steps into a new year, we’re welcoming a brand new social chair – and this time it’s double the fun. Account coordinators Kelsey Fiedler and Kailee Wallis have officially been passed the social chair torch and are ready to make the role their own. Here are some words of wisdom from past T&C social chairs:

“Being social chair is a fun way to get to know the entire T&C team and learn what makes them feel special. Remember that even the smallest things can make a difference when they are personal!” – Liz Baker, 2014 social chair

“At T&C, birthday celebrations don’t mean a big sheet cake in the break room. They mean a potluck themed exactly to your specific tastes and/or dietary restrictions, your face Photoshopped onto your favorite singer’s body and maybe even a surprise visit from your canine companion. Take notes, and pay attention to details.” – Shannon Sadler, 2017 social chair

“That secret Pinterest board full of event, decor and DIY ideas you’ve been hiding away? Now’s your chance to bring them to life, ladies! Now, grab a storage bin to throw all your excess items in for later and remember that T&C’ers love coffee, a good time and anything with small, personal touches. Good luck!” – Nikkie Viotto, 2016 social chair

From the birthday love to a meal train during tough times to celebrating life milestones, the social chair helps make T&C a place where every employee feels valued and appreciated.

– Emily McLaughlin, Anchorage office

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Blueprint Alaska aims to impact public policy and tackle tough issues

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